Social Media Marketing. Copy Editing. Beauty Artistry. Dance & Choreography. If you mention anything among these worlds, Shea probably can give you a random fact about it. A native of Harlem, NYC, Shea Zephir has always experienced life in multi-dimensional realms. She was that kid in the church choir, on the school newspaper, Co-Captain of the cheer-leading team, in the pre-professional dance company and still managed to have extra energy left to dream some more and journal. Shea Zephir began her career in dance at the Harlem School of the Arts where she studied various styles from Ballet to West African.

Her commitment and skill allowed her to perform notable works from Kim Grier, Robin Williams, Keith Lewis, and other acclaimed instructors all across renowned stages throughout NYC. It is that exposure within the dance community that sparked her many other interest in the creative scope such as writing and beauty artistry. In 2006 after graduating from the Makeup Designery School in Soho, she began her makeup company “Zephir Artistry” for the everyday woman looking to glam up her beauty regime for various occasions. Shea Zephir is also a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia where she earned her B.A. in Fashion and Marketing. Post-graduation and starting her career, Shea began working for a local paper “The Harlem Times” where she became their Fashion and Beauty editor which in turn allowed her to land writing roles at,,, and other publications.

Known for her resilience, style, and grace, people of all ages recognize her bright smile and beautiful mind for empowering black women and uplifting the millennial generation to consciously merge their passions with purpose.

Today, Shea Zephir is a New York based "Artistic Brand Curator"  and has partnered with various enterprising companies refining their brand and events. When Shea isn’t networking with the professionals in the Big Apple or scrolling through her social media feeds, she is diligently working her own company "Art Living".