About ME

Yes, I have finally launched a personal blog to merge my worlds and all the many things I do. And of course I would like to be the first to say, “Hey Hey and Welcome!!!”

The Short Version:

Entrepreneur, Artistic Brand Curator, Performing Artist, and On-Air Talent with an ardor for Fashion, Art, Culture and Social Activism


Yes, I am a “Jill of many trades” sistren that is particularly inspired, intrigued, and empowered by the Black female experience through the lens of fashion, art, and culture. I have always experienced life in multidimensional realms. Artistically, loud daydreams divulged my creativity as a child, but it wasn’t until a few years post-undergrad that I really began to grasp the connections of my diverse interest. Working with entrepreneurial trailblazers such as Brandice Daniel of HFR, Jennifer Heslop of motivateArt, and Thysha Shabazz of Shabazz Communications began to expose me to a vast catalog of pioneers behind the scenes of the fashion and entertainment industry that triggered my Aha! moment. As I unveiled my copious talents, people began sourcing me for all sorts of collaborations. While I was wishing for just the right gig to merge all of my talents, I realized what I was hoping for I had to create myself. The courage to resurrect the old ideas, add the new ideas, and embrace the newness that manifested was how I discovered the medium that married both my performance art background and my marketing acumen. This is how I became an “Artistic Brand Curator” and started my own company www.artliving.us .


The Blog: Resilience Style & Grace

This new blog is my digital kaleidoscope where I will share my personal stories, my art, and celebrate awesome individuals that cultivate our creative beings. This is my personal formula to refuel my spirit when the world’s noise takes over and solace is far and few in between.

I’m super passionate about getting clear on my purpose as a multifaceted artist by building my personal brand through telling my story. With every written piece I hope to grow a tribe a people doers and thinkers making BIG change in their own special way.

There will be rants, there will be poetry, there will be interviews, there will be music, and there will be the duality of my creative artistry as I journey to this place called success. My purpose is to pave more than stylish musings, but instead positively shape the perspective of artists’ experiences through diverse storytelling. My goal is to personally awaken a new level of my own inner beauty as I pursue my passions.