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Are you capable of pulling some digital pieces together on your own, but cringe every time you give out your website because you attempted to design it yourself? Yup, that’s the website walk of shame. It’s time to stop secretly hoping they never find url and procrastinating on the opportunity to have the right content that captures the true essence of YOU!

See, I believe you website is your digital home and the content acts as the interior style of your digital home. Therefore, your digital abode should always be inviting and creative, but most importantly it should reflect your authentic self. When your website accurately reflects you and your brand you are finally able to work smarter and make more money while doing less work.

A great website with stellar content reaffirms every potential client’s assumptions. After hearing great things about you and your business readers then checkout your website and ultimately they are more inclined to invest in your business because your entire website is flawless. Remember this: A fabulous website of great content = you have a thriving business, great offerings, and great product. It is as simple as that.    

As an “Artistic Brand Curator” I am here to assist you in optimizing your digital voice, refine your life’s journey with an extraordinary bio that will command reader's attention.


Digital Content Services

Digital Services for authors, entrepreneurs, & artists

Professional Biography - $75

It is one of those challenging but necessary standards of the industry to allow your audience to personally connect with you while getting to know you. While overwhelming, make no mistake about it, your bio is your marketing power tool to sell your story and your offerings to potential clients. Let’s work together to create your extraordinary bio that highlights not only your skills and accolades, but reflects the passion for your industry as well as your professional background for just $75




Resume Design - $75

Did you know that the average recruiter takes about 6 seconds to look over your resume before deciding if you are a good fit to their company? Whether you are changing career fields, trying progress up the career ladder, or relocate to a new area in your expertise, your resume must stand out. Your well crafted resume, social media profiles, and cover letters are ALWAYS the deciding factor between getting the interview and getting passed over. Can I tell you a secret, during my career I always booked the interview.  My professional resume re-design will match keywords in your industry and adapt your true career story so that will you land the interview to the job you really want in your creative field.




Resume Design Package - $200

As an editor, I am constantly reworking the verbiage of documents. Asking if each word is the best one, if a sentence structure is right, if there’s anything that could be said more clearly, effectively, or quickly. And, do we add examples! Why say something if you can show it, especially as a creative professional? Not only does it make for better writing and a more interesting read, but this is also where your personal touch sets you apart from the bunch. I know, I know, it's way more than a handful to grasp and exhausting just to begin to think about, but that’s where I come in. We will work on the following together:

●  Your Resume - I will assist you in telling an accurate and cohesive career story

●  Your Cover Letter - I will assist you in showing your true personality as an asset

●  Your Social Media Profiles - I will assist you in crafting a killer profile description that will at be the top of the search results